Club Goals:

 to help our members improve play
 to provide a friendly atmosphere
 to enjoy the game

To further these goals

 1) We provide a regularly  updated phone and email directory so that a member can see who is in their area in case they need a ride or want to go to a tourney with someone.

2) We provide monthly reports on each person's play including W-L, pts, avg, for monthly, yearly & lifetime results with our club and if they are a NSA member (NSA membership is not required for membership in the Millburn Club), we make sure they get the appropriate NSA certificate on reaching the following level of wins; 50, 300, 750,1500, & 3000. These monthly sheets also include the active 500 club or 100 point word club & bingos (sheet started in '99) including their highest word & bingo scores.

3) We provide a quarterly financial report .

4) The first time  a member of our club gets  a 500 point  game or greater they get a tile bag with name at no charge. A bag is also awarded for the first 600 and 700 games

 5) After a player has attended our club on a regular basis then we will order them a club shirt with name on it at no charge.

6) Regular tourneys take place on the last Monday of every month. If that Monday falls on a holiday and the Library is closed, the tournament takes place the Monday before. The cost for these tourneys is $6 (includes the weekly $1). The players are placed by averages into groups  of 3, 4 or 6 (depending on attendance). Each player plays 3 games. We use Round Robin pairings for the first 2 rounds & "King of the Hill" for the last round. The prizes are based on the number of players per group. All the money collected for the tourney fund is then given out as prizes for 1st or 2nd except for any group of 6 which also has a prize for 3rd.  Word challenges are adjudicated using the judging program Zyzzyva on a member-donated laptop computer.

7) Players bring their own boards and timers  but there are usually enough for those who do not have a set.  Games are made by the individual players on a first come basis, except for tournament nights.

8) When one of our regular attending members has a birthday then we will give them $4 in “Birthday Bucks” good for any purchases from the club (weekly dues, tournaments, or anything that they  want to buy from Word Gear or another place through the club) We give to those to members who have been coming at least 3 months, attending regularly and have been added to the list.

9) As of Spring 2007 we will have a monthly Newsletter providing updates and general information.

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