Club News

Highest scoring games:

TOP 5  Games of all 500+ played: (active players only)

Don Carson 621, 612, 609

Glen Filzer 593

Marc Hilton 587


TOP  High Words:

Seth Mandel CAPTIVES 194

Don Carson  OUTSIZES 194

Ruth Dunkle TACKLERS 185

Don Carson SNATCHED 176

Glenn Filzer  CARGOING (phony) 167

Marie Geoghegan SWEATING 158

Elaine Dorsey RECOILED 158


Top Phoneys:

Glenn Filzer CARGOING 167
Lynne Cristello ZONKERS 120

Recent Certificates:

Bill Barnes 50 wins
Christina Martelli 50 wins

Mort  Feigenbaum 50 wins
Lynne Cristello 300 wins
Marie Geoghegan 750 wins



News from NSA tourneys:

Associate Director Glenn Filzer took 1st place on the NSA Hawaii cruise in June 2002. Club Members Ruth Dunkle and Marie Geoghegan placed 7th and 8th in the same group. Ruth won "Rising Star" award for improving from her start at 14th and last place at the start of the tourney. Former member Susan Clark took 3rd place in the second group

At the September 21, 2002 tourney in Berlin, NJ  Glenn Filzer and member Lou Sabin played each other in an early round and tied their game. They met again in the final King of the Hill round AND TIED AGAIN!

15th Anniversary of Millburn Scrabble Club #411


The Club celebrated our 15th anniversary with a party at the Millburn Library on Oct 15, 2006. Every member present received a certificate listing number of wins, bingos, bingo points, total points, 100 point words and 500 point games attained while they were at the Club. Every one who had a 100 point word was given a 100 point medallion and every member was given a pin commemorating the various win levels attained, each win level with a different color pin.  Pins were given for 50, 300, 750, and 1500 wins and everyone that reached one of these levels received at least one pin. (Since we had not done this before, for example if you had 750 wins you received a pin for 50, 300, and 750 wins.


We also handed out awards for the following:


High Game 621 Director Don Carson


Most Wins 1845  Don Carson


Highest Lifetime Average 384 and most Bingos Glenn Filzer


High Word we gave 2 since we had not given out awards before, so because Ruth Dunkle had held the high word record (TACKLERS 185 points) for 5 years we gave her an award and gave one to Seth Mandel for recently surpassing that record with CAPTIVES 194 points. (Don Carson tied Seth  just a few months later.)


We had a good time of fellowship, food and seeing people who participated after not joining us in a while. Then we went to play our favorite game: Scrabble!




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